A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills

by Irene Hartzell, Ph.D.

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A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills is a research-based Student Guidebook

It’s designed specifically for middle school and jr. high students Grades 6 – 9.

The Guidebook was developed to help students

  • Learn more efficient ways to study
  • Reduce time spent studying and doing homework
  • Gain time management skills
  • Increase reading speed while maintaining comprehension
  • Learn test-taking strategies to improve test scores and grades
  • Build confidence and a sense of self worth

What student wouldn’t want to improve their learning and spend less time doing homework?

The complete Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills – “Middle School Edition,” is now available as both print & e-book on Amazon!



A Wizard’s Guide

Our Philosophy
A Wizard’s Guide in based on years of research about how we learn.
Two things make this Guide stand out:

First, most of what’s presented in the guide has been implemented successfully in the classroom at one time or another. Now we’ve brought these ideas together in one place.

Second, this book is kid-focused. We believe that “Kids Like Learning ®” It’s in the science, learning for humans is a biological imperative!
The Wizard’s Guide is designed so that a kid can pick it up and use it right away.
We trust our kids! We offer them a way to have some control over their own educational process.
We want them empowered! We let them in on the secrets of learning, we give them techniques that help them succeed and build “real” confidence.
We give them a promise, not only can they do well in school, but they can become Wizards! Someone who knows they can learn and become whatever they want in life.wand-cyan

About the Author

Irene is uniquely qualified to write A Wizard’s Guide. The Guide presents techniques that build a solid foundation of success and engender real self-confidence. That’s the game changer.

Dr Hartzell’s career includes working as a teacher, school psychologist, clinical psychologist, director of parent education at a major children’s hospital and a certified mediator. Through these varied experiences she’s gained the perspective needed to address what’s holding kids back.

Irene’s curiosity and desire to make learning simpler for students are what led to this book. She asks: “Why not share what we’ve learned from human learning research directly with those who might benefit most – school kids?” Irene’s often said, “I’ve been waiting thirty years for someone to write A Wizard’s Guide. I finally figured out that I’d have to do it myself.”

Kids and their education have been an intrinsic part of Irene’s’s career. Through her studies at LMU University of Munich Irene’s perspective on education was opened to a much broader range of possibilities. Her experience working with students in preschool through grade 12 and on to graduate level again gives Irene unique insights that few educators share.

A Wizard’s Guide presents a comprehensive plan of action. The Guide gives middle school students new tools that help them deal with an expanding curriculum and increasing mountains of homework. In contrast to other study guides, it’s written directly for kids to use. Students who’ve tried the book really liked it. We feel it’s destined to revolutionize the way kids study.

Irene Hartzell holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon.

About A Wizards Guide!

A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills

is designed to help Middle School students acquire the tools needed to meet the increasing academic challenge of High School.


Middle School is critical, it’s the transition between one style of learning and another. It prepares you for the more rigorous requirements of High School.

This Guide represents an innovative approach based on research findings about human learning.

Scientists (Wizards) have studied human learning for a long time with the goal of improving how we learn. Some of their ideas may seem simple, but they’re based on decades of research in the “Learning Labs” supported by recent discoveries about how the brain works. Now we’re putting together what researchers have learned so students can take advantage of this new information.
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About Wizards
Throughout history there have always been Wizards.
they went by many names, shaman, medicine man, philosopher, druid.


They were the people who got things done, the healers, the makers, teachers and mediators. They all had a childlike curiosity and a knack for learning and understanding new things.

We still have wizards today, you probably know a few, computer wizards, great mechanics or bakers. You’ve heard phrases like he’s a wiz at math or in the stock market. What these people have in common is an attitude that learning new skills is always possible. That mindset is based on their experience of success. What we offer kids are the tools that will make them successful learners. They can become Wizards, not just in school but in whatever path they choose in life.

Our goal is to foster a mindset of lifelong learning.

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